Meet DJ A Rich

DJ A Rich always knew he had a special kind of love for the music world. As soon as he heard his first beat at the age of 2 yrs old, he’s never stopped chasing his obsession for creating unique, club banging sounds for his audience. If there is one word that could describe DJ A Rich, it would be versatile.


A Rich has been exposed to this industry for over 15+ years, and now going on his 14th year as an on-air personality. A Rich is now the Assistant Program Director and Music Director for local radio stations here in Denver, CO, Jammin 101.5 FM & Hot 107.1 FM. DJ A Rich has been able to engage listeners from the EDM world, Alternative Rock, Top 40, and Hip Hop. You can catch A Rich weeknights on Hot 107.1 FM Monday-Friday 7 pm -12 mid. 


As a radio personality, A Rich will proudly brag about his fifth time, back to back win, for "Best Night Show.” All three shows were placed 1st for different genres; Top 40, EDM and Throw Back Hip Hop, and RnB. As a professional music connoisseur, he believes being adaptable to all sounds will always lead to true success as a DJ, and most importantly, a dancing audience.

Outside from the radio station, you will find DJ A Rich spinning sets inside of Denver’s most hip lounges and clubs, on the road touring internationally with MDZ, Bowa Music as their personal DJ, or at a local coffee shop, digging through music crates, adding all the latest club bangers. A Rich not only showcases his expertise with his seamless blends and great taste in song selections, with 15+ years of radio experience under his belt, he has grown to have a strong vocal presence and developed keen attention in reading his audience, being able to adapt in his environment, offering that perfect atmosphere for all avid party-goers. DJ A Rich is continuously studying his music, his surroundings, and is always striving to perfect his craft through every event. He has set goals to showcase his talent all over the states, and overseas for well-renowned artists. DJ A Rich speaks through his music and is always orchestrated with purpose.

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